Out Of Africa

Anna Trzebinski is a rare and talented creative force. Currently living in Nairobi with her husband and daughter, she has always been inspired by the raw beauty of Africa and the spirit of its people. Today working with the Masai and Samburu tribes in her Kenya based workshop, Anna creates a variety of garments as well as her unusual and exotic accessory collections. Each piece is hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. Feathers as well as beading are signature themes within her designs, which have been recognized by Vogue amongst many other prominent fashion houses and magazines.

Simon Teakle's jewelry tastes are eclectic and far-reaching, and he has always been a strong supporter of Africa, particularly the African conservation charity TUSK which Anna also supports. For Saturday February 9th Simon will host an event showcasing Anna's unique collection alongside his varied jewelry collections at his gallery on 4 Grigg Street in Greenwich. Anna has designed a special and exclusive line of pieces for this day inspired by Simon's tastes.